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Human Resources Applications

Recruitment and Orientation Process

Our company, which realizes its targets with the power it derives from its human resources, adopts the target of being a company where mutual trust and respect is dominant and participation and diversity are valued. Our company attaches importance to the provision of superior human resources, continuous development of employees and keeping motivation high. Our company, which prioritizes employee satisfaction and development, believes that new and creative opportunities can be achieved through the blending of different perspectives and knowledge.

Our company has been working throughout the year in order to incorporate the best ones based on its goals and principles. Competencies constitute one of the most important points of the company in recruitment. The open-ended questions in our application form give us clues in order to understand the competence of the candidate through the curriculum vitae. Regardless of which department is evaluated, we expect our candidates to have the following competencies.

These competencies;

  • Team work,
  • Communication,
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship,
  • Direction determination,
  • Development of cooperation,
  • Result oriented,
  • Developing oneself and his/her colleagues,
  • Customer sensitivity,
  • Adapting and managing differences,

 They can be listed likewise.

As a result of all these evaluations, our company offers a job to our eligible candidates and the candidate who is found suitable for the position starts to work. Our aim here is to ensure that people are placed in the right job by questioning their knowledge, skills and competencies.

An Orientation Program is organized in order to enable our newly joining friends to quickly integrate into our company.

Within this program;

  • Introduction, vision, strategy and objectives of our company
  • Human Resources strategies and practices
  • Advertising and informing about the function and position are transmitted.

Competence and Performance Evaluation

The purpose of the performance management system applied throughout our company is to achieve excellent performance in the company and to manage the performances of the employees objectively within the framework of common principles.

At the beginning of the year, with the Goal Setting Meeting held between the Manager and the Employee the targets expected from the employee during the year in are determined an integrated manner with the company targets. The realizations of these targets are monitored in monthly/quarterly/six-month periods and corrective measures are taken. At the end of the year, the extent to which the employee has achieved the goals set at the beginning of the year is determined.

With the 360 ​​degree competence assessment system, employees are evaluated by their managers, peer levels and subordinates, if any, in line with the Company Competencies.

Competencies expected from Jantsa A.Ş. employees;

» Orientation, Teamwork, Communication, Collaboration Development, Result Orientation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Developing Self and Colleagues, Adapting to Differences and Managing Them and Customer Sensitivity.

Based on all these evaluation results, the Employee and the Manager determine the things to be done in order to improve the performance of the employee and plan the development of the employee through the Performance Evaluation meeting they held together. Development Plans are made and recorded electronically in our Company's Development and Training Plan.

Training and Development Planning Process

It is a training, development and sharing platform where the activities that will support the development of the employees of the company are planned and realized by taking into consideration the needs of the Company/Person.

The main benefits of this system are as follows;

  • To complete other HR systems and increase their impact
  • To bring the latest, the best training and development resources to our companies
  • Rich development environment with different development methods and tools
  • To increase interaction, sharing and synergy between the company and employees
  • To take greater responsibility of employees for their own development
  • To prepare development plan for each employee and monitor them continuously
  • The opportunity of employees to influence their own career future

The stages of this process are as follows;

» First of all, the areas that each employee should develop in the following period are determined from "the sources of development need". Sources of development needs

can be described as 360 Degree of assessment, Potential Assessment, Company-specific assessments, Performance targets, Position requirements, Managers 'demands, Employees' demands, Mandatory development areas and so on.

» Based on the identified development needs, development plans are prepared with the opinions and guidance of the employee's manager and the human resources/training units of the company.

» This is the period in which the development activities in the development plan take place. It develops under the supervision and assistance of employees, managers and human resources/training units. During this period, follow-up and evaluation interviews are conducted at the end of the year. The evaluation interview at the end of the year is followed by the planning negotiations for the next year.

Employees at all levels are provided with internal and external trainings according to the needs determined in line with their career development. The aim is to develop personal development within the framework of organizational development.

Career Planning and Backup Process

The aim of the Career Planning and Backup process conducted within the company is to identify potential employees early, to provide the necessary professional knowledge, skills and development opportunities and to prepare them for tasks that require more responsibility. In Jantsa, the principle of providing expertise and executive staff from generally our company is adopted.

In line with the 360 ​​degree Competency Assessment and Performance Evaluation results, candidates who are included in the potential pool are prepared for the future with Leader Development programs. Career Planning of potential employees is monitored through regular HR Planning meetings.

Compensation Management

In our company, a job evaluation system based on the content of the work is applied, independent of title and function. The aim is to determine the total income of the employees according to the competitive and fair corporate policies determined according to the current wage market. Besides, it is to use a Wage System that will motivate the employees by separating and rewarding performance.

Compensation policies on the basis of the companies are determined in a way that supports the competitiveness of the company; while determining the wage levels of the employees, their authorities and responsibilities and their performances.

Social Rights

  • Personnel transportation is provided by services placed on different routes from the company headquarters.
  • Food service is provided in our cafeteria.
  • 1 ton of coal is provided annually to help our employees warm up with their families in winter.
  • Various social and cultural activities are organized to increase motivation and strengthen corporate communication.