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As Jantsa A.Ş., we aim to determine the potential human resources of our Company in the future while supporting the development of students with the internship opportunities we provide to high school and university students and preparing them for business life. We want to both incorporate the successful students and to provide them with important experiences.

Trainee recruitment is 2 semesters per year and at the beginning of the academic year; we employ the students of Vocational High School and in summer term, we employ them from related departments of universities.

As an institution, we provide high school and university students with the opportunity to gain experience by working with us. Trainees benefit from the experience of the professionals working in our company and we develop with their ideas. We accept social responsibility as an internship opportunity to help students make more informed decisions about their career planning and goals.

Applications will be evaluated by filling internship application form. For internship applications, you can contact us by filling the Internship Application Form on the Human Resources page at

University Students Internship Application and Evaluation

Jantsa A.Ş. Trainees can apply for internship quotas allocated in the company departments from March 1st to March 20th at the latest.

INFO: Internship Applications for 2018 Internship Period are full, Thank you for your interest..

Evaluation of internship applications is completed by Jantsa A.Ş. until the first week of May at the latest.

In the second week of May, the results of the evaluation are first announced on the website to be notified to the applicants whether their applications have been accepted or not; otherwise it is notified to their other contact addresses.

Applications made to Jantsa A.Ş. are evaluated and recruitment is made by taking into consideration our needs and capacity by the experts and managers of the Departments where the procurement will be made.

It is given priority to candidates with the following qualifications;

  • Those who have internship obligation
  • Students in their last year who have not completed their internship
  • Candidates who are in the same class but having higher GPA
  • Candidates closer to or overlapping company preferences

Duration of Internship

Summer internship period covers June-July-August-September.

Documents to be requested

Students coming to the private workplace allocated to them for internship, they submit the insurance entrance declaration made by the Education Institution where they are studying, a health report from an official hospital (including Health Centers), an official presentation letter from the Education Institutions where they study, identity cards with T.R. number (or certified copy) and a photograph with a photo of the workplace of the private workplace in which they will do internship.

Disciplinary Works and Internship Cancellation

Internship is canceled if the work and disciplinary order of the workplace is not complied with and the rules regarding work safety are not followed.

Students whose internship has been canceled will not be given the opportunity of internship again, but students who have a valid excuse retain the right to evaluate within the internship quota if they document this situation.

In case the student gives up the internship he/she should inform Jantsa A.Ş. Human Resources in order to ensure another student to use open internship position.

The trainees are subject to the provisions of the regulations of the private workplaces where they do their internship with regard to disciplinary and safety issues and working and working conditions.

Otherwise, if the trainee is absent for three days without an excuse or for 5 days in an internship period, the internship shall be terminated immediately and it is informed to their education institution and families by notifying their main reasons. In such a case, there is no right to legal request for the trainee.

In case of illness and accident, the employer cannot be recoursed to the employer.

Internship Supervisor and Duties

The trainees will do their internship under the supervision of the internship supervisor to be assigned during the internship period.

Internship Supervisor:

  • Trainees do not engage in the work other than the internship program and subject,
  • Applying the internship program as required,
  • Ensuring that trainees do not act in a way that disrupts discipline and job security.

Facilities to be provided to trainees;

Interns will be able to benefit from social services (Service, Food, etc.) free of charge in accordance with the opportunities of the private workplace where they do their internship. However, internship cannot benefit from the benefits made under a legal right or collective agreement. The relationship between private workplaces and trainees is not in a way of service and employment contract but consists of a training relationship. In this respect, the provisions of Labor Law No. 4857 shall not be applied to interns. In accordance with the regulation made by Law No. 5510, insurance for the students who are subjected to compulsory internship during higher education will be paid by the higher education institution where they are studying.