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Our Founder And The Chairman Of The Executive Board

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Mr.  Şefik Çerçioğlu was born in Sultanhisar town (Aydin Province) in 1936 and become one of the most important pioneers among the automotive industry of Turkey.

From his early ages, he has always been keen on crafting. During his childhood, as an apprentice at his uncle’s shop, he started aligning curved nails and then learned the basics of welding. While working for his uncle, he further built up professional skills by taking theoretic craftsmen evening courses in Aydin.

Mr. Çerçioğlu had a great passion to explore the world which led him through various destinations throughout his career. He first left for abroad when he joined Turkish troops to serve as a volunteer for the United Nations Command during the Korean war in 1955. Despite harsh war conditions, he has gone through many different experiences far from his homeland, which led him to shape an open-minded approach to any difficulty. This was the foundation of success in his early years of business.

In 1961 Mr. Çerçioğlu moved to Germany to be a part of many of those who left their homeland to rebuild German post-war economy. After working for some years as a welding operator in a local heating system manufacturer, he was promoted to be the production chief.

After a successful 4-year stay in Germany, as a next step in his journey, Mr. Çerçioğlu decided to move to the USA, where he sensed many opportunities to go after and fetch.  There he has pursued a successful career in several industrial companies, being quickly promoted at a well-known national company from welding operator to the production manager. Both of his sons, Mr. Ercan Çerçioğlu (1966) and Mr. Erkan Çerçioğlu (1971) were born in the USA.

In 1972 Mr. Çerçioğlu decided to start his own business and returned to his homeland, Turkey. After several partnership trials, he decided to establish his own wheel factory. JANTSA started its operations in the fall of 1975, but it took 2 years for Mr. Çerçioğlu to put everything together until the grand opening in the summer of 1977. From that time on, he serves as a Chairman of JANTSA’s Executive Board.

Life and career of Mr. Çerçioğlu stand for passion for work, drive to explore with an entrepreneurial spirit. These virtues set the foundation for our success and have been passed on to each JANTSA employee today.


Vice Chairman Of The Executive Board

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Mr. Ercan Çerçioğlu was born on 1966, as the oldest child in Çerçioğlu family. He graduated from the Departmant of Business Administration, at Middle East Technical University in Ankara. Upon his graduation, he moved to New York, where he worked in various commercial positions between 1992 and 1996. In 1997 he returned to Turkey and started his career at JANTSA as an Export Manager. During this period he successfully applied his theorical knowledge about international business in a practical way. In 2004, he has been promoted to the position of a General Manager.

Mr. Çerçioğlu has also served as The President of the Aydın Chamber of Industry between 2004-2016.

Under his leadership, JANTSA became one of the largest wheel manufacturers in the world, expanded its plant and manufacturing capacity to 2 million wheels per year, and launched export to over 80 countries worldwide. Currently, Mr. Çerçioğlu holds a title of Vice Chairman of the Management Board and is mainly focused on the future strategic development of JANTSA.



Board Member / Managing Director of JANTSAN

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Mr. Erkan Çerçioğlu was born on 24th of May in 1971, in New York.

Shortly after his birth, his parents moved to Turkey, where he completed his education. Upon graduating from Izmir Atatürk High School, Mr. Çerçioğlu moved to Germany. After receiving Goethe-Institut graduation certificate, he moved to New York to pursue a degree in Business Administration. After graduating in 1997, he returned to Turkey and started to work in the commercial department of JANTSA.

In 1998, Mr. Çerçioğlu joined JANTSAN, which became one of the leading wheel & tyre distrbutors in Turkey under his leadership. Now Mr Çerçioğlu serves as a member of the board at JANTSA and Managing Director at JANTSAN.

Mr. Çerçioğlu is married and has two children.


Member of the Executive Board

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Mr. Ata Caner Çerçioğlu was born on August 12, 1992. Her mother Özlem Çerçioğlu was a member of the Grand National Assembly and stayed in Ankara until his primary education. After primary school he returned to Aydın and went to Aydın Anatolian High School. After 4 years, he graduated successfully and was entitled to study at Izmir University of Economics (Department of International Trade and Finance).

During his studies, Mr. Çerçioğlu was closely involved in the family business. Thus, he spent every holiday at JANTSA and learned the practical side of rim manufacturing. These early years made him curious about corporate governance and determined his willingness to contribute to JANTSA's global success.

As a result, after graduating from university, he moved to the United States and attended a master's program at MIM (Manhattan Institute of Management). Two years later, he returned to Turkey with the latest knowledge and as full-equipped and eager to apply JANTSA knowledge.

Mr. Çerçioğlu joined JANTSA's Sales and Marketing team in March 2018 and launched a series of company initiatives aimed at increasing our industry leadership.


General Manager (Acting)

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Mr. Çağlayan Seven, who joined JANTSA family in late June 2018 with the responsibility of Supply Chain Director, was born in 1973. He was graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Industrial Engineering Department in 1994.

Prior to joining to JANTSA family, he worked in national and international companies operating in Plastics, Tobacco, Food, and Chemical industries. He worked with management responsibilities in domestic and international roles for more than 20 years. He holds international certifications in Supply Chain Management.

He worked as System Analyst and Programmer in Industrial Engineering and Information Technologies field, as Strategic Planning Manager and Global Planning Manager in Global Supply Chain Organizations, as Global Project Manager in multinational projects.

He has one daughter.