Cookies Policy


As JANTSA Jant Industry Inc., our policy is; in our factory located in Aydın Umurlu Organized Industrial Zone,

  • In our activities to prevent damage to the environment and human resources at the source, to prevent pollution, to reduce all injuries and occupational diseases to do all the necessary work,
  • To effectively identify, manage and plan the continuous improvement activities of our risks and opportunities covering all our activities,
  • To reduce the wastes generated as a result of our activities firstly, to ensure their recovery, and to dispose of these wastes in accordance with the current legislation in a way that minimizes the environmental effects for the wastes,
  • To follow the technological developments, to review our processes in line with these developments, to reduce the negative impacts we create by using machinery, equipment and materials that are friendly to environment, energy and human health,
  • To increase energy efficiency and prefer renewable energy resources as a priority,
  • To provide training support to all our employees and stakeholders on environmental, occupational health and safety and energy saving awareness,
  • To carry out all our activities in accordance with the relevant legislation, legal and other conditions,
  • To follow our performance with the objectives and targets in line with the Company's policy and to continuously improve our performance,
  • Ensuring the continuity of our environment, occupational health and safety, energy management system and providing the necessary resources for continuous improvement,
  • To consult with employees and their representatives in order to create a healthy and safe work environment and to ensure their participation in improvement works,
  • To consult with employees and their representatives in order to create a healthy and safe work environment and to ensure their participation in improvement works,
  • To work in accordance with the Management System Standards to leave a livable environment for future generations, to use energy resources effectively, to ensure occupational health and safety of all employees and stakeholders.


Adopting customer satisfaction as principle, while strengthening our growth, learning, operational, financial resources in order to answer the demands of all customers we have reached in domestic and foreign market within the scope of laws and standards and authorizing personnel by financing intellectual capital in connection to that mattter and with forward-looking strategy plans, in line with the strategies we have determined in order to achieve our objectives, for the sake of conducting our projects by creating a dynamic team;

We undertake the followings:

  • To be a leader and institutionalized factory in wheel rim industry,
  • That performs production on time and in compliance with the quality management terms by ensuring the participation of all our employees,
  • That is preferred in market with innovative products and increasing effectiveness by utilizing the technology in our factory that has developed to achieve new horizons,
  • That ensures increase in profitability by analyzing the processes in detail, invests in automation, influences the market by leaving traces in its products with innovative projects and attracts the market in rim industry by improving its activity,
  • That is compatible with our customers’ expectations,
  • That is always preferred with its reliability and postpurchase services besides the product.


With the purpose of providing information security and protecting all information existence found in the activities and operations within the scope of ISO/IEC 27001, under Wheel Rim Production such as R&D, Production Technology Development, Workshop, Production, Planning, Sales Marketing, Purchase, Shipping, Maintenance, Administrative Affairs, Information Technologies, Human Resources, Quality and Integrated Management systems;

We undertake the followings:

  • To demonstrate that the information security is ensured within the organization in line with all laws and legislations,
  • To measure the process performance of information security by guaranteeing the risk management and to provide the management of relationships with third parties in matters regarding information security,
  • To support the risk assessment in accordance with confidentiality, integrity and accessibility, which are the three main element of information security system, and the improvement of this assessment,
  • To keep the motivation high by ensuring mutual trust, respect, sympathy, understanding and communication between our employees and to increase the customer satisfaction,
  • To provide necessary trainings to each process managers within the scope of ISO 27001 in order to ensure the continuous improvement and the awareness of information security,

To support necessary investments as management in case of security violations.